A fun and rewarding experience
for kids and parents

Parents in a counselling session

Spark-tacular starts with parents

We always begin child counselling with a special session just for parents.

You need to meet and feel comfortable with the person who will be working with your child. Your child’s therapist also needs to understand the important people in your child’s life, so we want to hear your perspective as parents. The perspective of both parents is valuable and should be considered. We will also plan your child’s first session together.

Wearing giant toy glasses, a therapist shakes a child's hand. Both are smiling widely!

Your child’s first session

When you are ready to proceed and feel comfortable, we will invite your child to visit.

A special adventure will be designed for your child, based on what they like and need to feel warmly welcomed. For example, the therapist might write a story for your child, or dress up as their favourite character. The therapist will share information with your child about why we are meeting and what a “Feelings Helper” or “Caring Companion” (child therapist) does and obtain their assent (permission) to work together.

Within a safe, supportive, beautiful space at EmPOWERland, our child therapists will help your child to grow in their empowerment to approach, reframe, and navigate through the challenges they are facing. Together, we will launch their Superhero journey.

The best part:

At Kids Reconnect, there are no problems—only adventures, quests, and cheerful challenges on which to embark.

Your child’s spark-tacular growing adventure awaits!

Let’s spark the joy of play to grow!

See what counselling at Kids Reconnect would look like for your child.

Specialized counselling services
for kids, parents, and families

The most effective counselling comes from supporting not just the child’s needs, but also the needs of parents and families. Parents and siblings represent the main relationship adults in kids’ lives; they need specialized support, too.

That is why we offer various types of sessions to comprehensively support kids, parents, and families.

Child sessions are 50 minutes in duration. Other types of sessions (family, parenting, couples) are usually 90 minutes.

A girl and a therapist doing play therapy. They are sitting on a white carpet, playing with princess toys

Child Sessions

Types of therapy: Art Therapy, Play Therapy, Sand Tray Therapy, Strengths-based Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy.

Play and art are natural forms of communication for kids. Child sessions are usually most appropriate for kids between 24 months and 12 years old. Parents sometimes ask to be present in the first session or the first few sessions, to observe. Children may also have their sessions unaccompanied by a parent.

A boy and his Dad at a parent-child therapy session, playing with a bouncy hockey ball with a child therapist

Parent-Child Sessions

Types of Therapy: Theraplay, Attachment Therapy, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Compassion-focused Therapy, Strengths-based Therapy.

These sessions strengthen parent-child connections and bonds. Parents are present with the child, playing and actively working on understanding the child. Appropriate for kids and teenagers (2-18 years old).

Overhead view of Dad, Mom, and two kids doing sand tray therapy with a child psychologist

Family Sessions

Types of Therapy: Theraplay, Attachment Therapy, Reunification Therapy, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Narrative Therapy, Structural Family Therapy.

In these sessions, all family members can be present, or the therapist can work with the various family members individually, to prepare them for family work.

A teen in a therapy session listening to her thrapists.

Teen Sessions

Types of Therapy: Art Therapy, Talk Therapy, Sand Tray Therapy, Narrative Therapy.

Older kids might prefer a room for adults instead of a playroom; both options are available. Teens seek more responsibility and independence; they usually do not want a parent in their session. Play therapy is no longer appropriate; teens communicate through their personal interests and creative pursuits.

Couples in a parenting session

Parenting Sessions

These sessions are dedicated to parents; children are not present. Parents achieve a better understanding of their child and learn parenting strategies. Before a child begins therapy, we always start with a special session for parents.

A girl and boy with sparklers. Dozens of blue, gold, and pink helium balloons float overhead.

Group Sessions

Designed to support kids in specific areas that they are looking to grow. These include self-esteem building groups for young girls, social skills groups, empathy groups, mindfulness groups, parent support groups, and self-care groups.

Learn more about groups we currently offer
A teenage girl seated on a sofa, with a puppy by her side, looking into a laptop.

Video sessions

Therapy sessions are offered in-person and virtually (online).

Video sessions can work well for people who live outside of Calgary, for people who are experiencing anxiety and cannot come into the office, or during times of public health crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our video sessions take place over Google Hangouts, which uses secure, encrypted, HIPAA-compliant audio/video transmission software to maintain your privacy. The audio and video content from telepsychology sessions is not saved. No one can access the sessions, either when they are taking place nor at a later time. Watch this video to experience what online therapy will look like for your child.

WATCH: Play Therapy Online – Explanation Video

Joining forces, we’re in your corner

We work collaboratively to adapt to the unique needs of each child and family setting.

Being a team gives us flexibility and bench strength in a range of services and strategies, combining various therapists and child counselling services.

Parents who need additional support in their relationship can access specialized couples counselling through our Couples Reconnect branch.

A father, mother, and two children interacting with a family therapist at Kids Reconnect. The therapist is using a fluffy yellow duck puppet
Two kids and a child therapist sitting cross-legged in a playroom, high-give each other.

Even Superheroes need extra help sometimes

When the going gets tough, we are here for kids

Hardship and adverse experiences can capsize the lives of kids and families. Illness, grief, parental conflict, difficulties at home or school, anxiety, depression, trauma. We call these “ugly ughs” or “big feelings“.

When kids and families need support navigating life challenges beyond what parents can provide, Kids Reconnect is here to help.

A child hugs a soft toy as she talks to her counsellor