A smiling woman in a blue dress wearing gold butterfly wings holds a mint green vintage dial-up telephone. Headshot: Abigail Marsh, Intake Specialist at Kids Reconnect

Abigail Marsh

4th Year Psychology Student


Intake Specialist


  • Gentle

  • Caring

  • Empathetic

  • Welcoming

  • Organized

  • Detail-oriented

  • Professional

  • Patient

  • Studious

  • Brilliant!

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What is a kaleidoscope of butterflies?

A cartoon KR Superhero surrounded by butterflies

A group of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope.

The word kaleidoscope comes from Greek words that mean something like “to see beautiful shapes”.

A kaleidoscope is a toy made from a tube that has mirrors and bits of coloured glass or plastic inside. At one end of the tube, there is an eyehole. When you look through it you can see beautiful, colourful patterns and shapes that change as you rotate the tube (spin it around) in your hand.

Abigail is one of the Kaleidoscope Butterflies
(Intake Specialists) at Kids Reconnect.

This is her Superhero story,
and she wants to share it with you.

Kaleidoscope Butterflies help to build joy
for kids to feel.

In their work, they use smiles, colours, and mirrors.

That’s because kids’ Superpowers
are always within.

Kids Reconnect Butterflies love to play, and most of all,

they love helping kids find their way.

Abigail’s Superhero Story

Attention Parents
Before your first session, you can share this story
with your child. You can also scroll below
to read Abigail’s
professional bio.

Once upon a time, a small blue butterfly flew into the open window of an office. She was surprised by what she saw: a wonderful place for kids’ imaginations to soar! Rainbows and stars, unicorns, puffy clouds, and rocketships galore. Easels and paintbrushes, storybooks and toys, plus comfy couches from which to explore. A glittering goldfish, a shy jellyfish, a little snail, and even a whale. All this in playrooms with a fairy forest, friendly dragons, and a dazzling dinosaur.

She read the sign on the front desk:


In EmPOWERland, every kid is a Superhero
in their own story

What a place she had found, with kid-sized Superheroes all around. They asked her questions. They asked for directions. That was her first day on the job, flying among kids and parents, spreading joy, organizing, and saying hello.

It was busy work for just one butterfly, so before running out of steam, she invited a butterfly friend to join the Kaleidoscope Butterflies team. They have an important job at EmPOWERland, welcoming visitors, doing intake calls, handing out snacks (like cookies, chocolate, or cupcakes), introducing kids and parents to the Kids Reconnect child therapists, making helpful suggestions, and answering kids’ questions. Like busy bees, kaleidoscope butterflies often buzz in glee. That’s because their heart is in their work, you see.

When kids visit EmPOWERland, a Kaleidoscope Butterfly welcomes them with a smile. Butterflies love giving brave Superheroes special snacks and treats. To get to know their family, the KR Butterflies ask kids and parents a few questions and answer theirs. Then she matches them to a therapist that’s a perfect fit for their Superhero adventure.

Sometimes kids are scared when they first visit, and that’s okay. Even Superheroes (big or small, young or old) feel scared, shy, sad (or feel other feelings) some days. Kaleidoscope Butterflies know that though some kids might look small, their hearts are really seven feet tall—and that brave Superhero kids are the bravest Superheroes of all.

Abigail’s Professional Bio

Abigail’s bio is coming soon!