Headshot: Andrea Seva wearing butterfly wings using an antique rotary phone

Andrea Seva
BSc, Psychology


Intake Team Specialist

  • Gentle

  • Empathetic

  • Sweet

  • Artistic

  • Intellectual

  • Dedicated

  • Motivated

  • Team player

  • Bilingual – French/English

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What is a kaleidoscope of butterflies?


A group of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope.

The word kaleidoscope comes from Greek words that mean something like “to see beautiful shapes”.

A kaleidoscope is a toy made from a tube that has mirrors and bits of coloured glass or plastic inside. At one end of the tube, there is an eyehole. When you look through it you can see beautiful, colourful patterns and shapes that change as you rotate the tube (spin it around) in your hand.

Attention Parents
Before your first session, you can share this story
with your child.

Andrea’s Superhero Story

Andrea is one of the Kaleidoscope Butterflies at KR.
This is her Superhero story,
and she wants to share it with you.

Kaleidoscope Butterflies help to build joy for kids to see.
In their work they use smiles, colours, and mirrors.

That’s because kids’ Superpowers are always within.

KR Butterflies love to play, and most of all,
they love helping kids find their way.

Andrea’s Superhero Story is coming soon!

Andrea’s Professional Bio

Andrea’s professional bio is coming soon!