Headshot: Andrea Seva wearing butterfly wings using an antique rotary phone

Andrea Seva
BSc, Psychology



  • Gentle

  • Empathetic

  • Sweet

  • Artistic

  • Intellectual

  • Dedicated

  • Motivated

  • Team player

  • Multitasking

  • Bilingual – French/English

Exploring your Superpowers

your heart grows, sparkles, and thrives!

As Intake Specialists know,
when kids reach for their star
Superpowers within,
there are no limits to how far
they can grow, soar, and fly
how many friends they can have,
or how joyfully they can grin!

Andrea is an Intake Specialist
on the child counselling team
(an Intake Butterfly!) at Kids Reconnect.

This is her Superhero story,
(it’s about being friendly
and growing your heart),
and she wants to share it with you.

Kaleidoscope Butterflies help to build joy
for kids to feel.

In their work, they use smiles, colours, and mirrors.

That’s because kids’ Superpowers
are always within.

KR Butterflies love to play, and most of all,
they love helping kids find their way.

Andrea’s Superhero Story

Attention Parents
Before your first session, you can share this story
with your child. You can also scroll below
to read about Andrea’s professional experience
in her
professional bio.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Andrea.

Andrea lived in the city and had two friends: a dog friend and a cat friend. Regular, city-type animal friends. She thought dogs and cats were all the animals that there were in the world and all the animal friends she could have.

Until one day, when she was quite a bit older—almost four—she went to a farm.

That’s when, in a lavender flower patch, she met a pink pig. It was a super small pig, about the size of a big teacup.

“What a beautiful little animal,” she thought. Seeing such beauty made her heart sparkle with delight.

Making a new friend

She had never seen an animal like that before. Andrea was curious, but she was not scared. (New things don’t have to be scary, you know.)

Andrea sat down close to the ground. “This way,” she thought, “the little animal can see my eyes, without looking up. It will know am friendly”

(And she was right! In her eyes, he could see that she had a kind, caring heart.)

“Hi, little girl”, the piggy said. “I am Periwinkle! What’s your name?”

“My name is Andrea,” she said. “You are not a dog or a cat. What kind of animal are you?”

“I am a mini pig,” Periwinkle replied. “Playing with shoes and flowers is my favourite game. Would you like to play with me?”

Andrea felt her heart sparkle a little more. (That’s what happens when your heart grows and soars.)

“Yes, Periwinkle,” she said with a great grin. “I would love to play in the lavender flowers with you!”

The little pig nibbled on Andrea’s shoelaces and made her laugh. Together, they laughed and played in the farm flower garden all day and became great friends.

Click on Periwinkle to find out
who flies in to say hi!

Periwinkle the mini pig told Andrea about all the animals in the world. Farm animals (like him) or geese. Jungle animals, like giraffes, lions, and zebras. Prehistoric ones, like dinosaurs, and pretend ones, like dragons. Big ones, like whales and bears, as well as little ones, like squirrels, worms, and butterflies. She was surprised to find out there were that many animals to learn about and to love.

Andrea’s heart grew so much playing. That day, she learned there are no limits to how many friends you can meet. Every day, your heart can grow.

Your heart can grow all the way to the stars!

Ever since, Andrea made friends everywhere.

When she travelled to the beach, she made friends with a starfish and a seahorse. Cycling in the mountains, she made a pika and a moose friends. Swimming in a lake, she found a fish friend. Even in her backyard, she found an ant and a ladybug friend.

When she was old enough to go to kindergarten, Andrea also made friends with the other kids. Her heart sparkles with fabulous friendliness Superpowers!

Andrea is now grown-up and is an Intake Specialist at Kids Reconnect. She loves welcoming kids to EmPOWERland, giving them a yummy snack, and helping them reach for the Superhero stars they are.

Please let your Intake Specialist know:
what is your favourite treat to eat?

When Andrea welcomes you
to EmPOWERland at Kids Reconnect
and she asks you to pick your favourite snack or treat,
would you choose a chocolate egg surprise,
a fruit bar, a cookie
— or would you prefer an insect, to eat?

Just kidding, of course!
You will only find fun, yummy snacks here,
like gummy worms or bear claws.

“While we try and teach our children all about life,
children teach us what life is all about.”

—Angela Schwindt

Andrea’s Professional Bio

Andrea Seva has been an Intake Specialist (Intake Butterfly) on the Kids Reconnect team since 2021. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree from the University of Calgary. From grades one to twelve, Andrea was in the French immersion program at St. Mary’s High School, where she graduated with French Immersion Honours. Her undergraduate psychology degree, as well as her stellar customer service expertise, are a cherished, valuable complement to our team’s capacity.

Andrea loves working with kids.

During the first two years of her undergraduate psychology degree, Andrea volunteered at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, where she helped children heal through arts and crafts in their Therapeutic Arts Program, grew her own heart by sharing time with children, and assisted parents in caring for their newborn babies.

“Through my interactions with children, I have learned that trying new things doesn’t always have to be scary.

Kids love to find new ways to play with toys and games, which is something I try to keep in mind when going out of my comfort zone.”

Andrea Seva

Everyone has a story. Sharing our stories of struggles is not easy, and Andrea appreciates your courage and strength in sharing yours with her.

Andrea and the KR kaleidoscope of Intake Specialist Butterflies make your intake call experience warm, welcoming, and friendly. She will be honoured to listen to your story during your intake call with open-hearted care. With her gentle, compassionate way, Andrea will help you find a therapist from our team that will best support the needs of your child and family, as well as your own needs as a Superhero parent to a Superhero child.

An Intake Specialist helps your child’s heart sparkle in a million little ways

Your child’s playful experience in EmPOWERland at Kids Reconnect is paramount to Andrea.

In addition to her time on our team, Andrea’s impeccable customer service and attention to detail skills were further honed through cast member and hosting experience during her psychology student years.

As a parent, you hold a wealth of knowledge about your child. We welcome learning about friendly little things you feel would make their heart sparkle when they visit us. If there is a special, joyful detail you feel they would love, please let Andrea know. Alongside our therapists, Andrea and the team of Intake Specialists will do their best to spark a special (“spark-tacular!”) experience at Kids Reconnect for you and your child.

Andrea can also help you find a couples therapist; she is on the Intake Specialist team at Couples Reconnect.

A friendship Superpower is like a million Superpowers in one

“Friendship isn’t a big thing, it’s a million little things.”

—Paulo Coelho

Friendliness is Andrea’s Superpower. What a spark-tacular Superpower to have and help grow


(As Andrea would say in French, in her friendly way. Charmed to meet you!)