Child therapist Ledja Pengu hugs a milkshake squishmallow

Ledja Pengu, MSW, RSW



Child Therapist


  • Caring

  • Creative

  • Warm

  • Wise

  • Kind

  • Patient

  • Athletic

  • Outdoorsy

  • Pathfinder

  • Safe space creator

Ledja Pengu is a child therapist in Calgary
who uses her warmth and listening Superpowers
to connect with children
instantly making them feel safe and comfortable

Attention Parents

Before your first session, you can share this story
with your child. You can also
read about Ledja’s child therapist expertise and experience in her professional bio.

Ledja’s Superhero Story

Once upon a time, in a playful place of make-believe called EmPOWERland, there was a little girl called Ledja. (Her name is spelled L-e-d-j-a and pronounced just like Lydia). This is Ledja’s Superpower story (it’s about reaching out for help if you are feeling stuck) and she wants to share it with you.

The natural world was Ledja’s favourite place to play. She liked waterfalls, mountains, beaches jungles, and lakes. Ledja loved animals, flowers, trees, rainbows, and such (though spiders and snakes, not so much!) Her favourite thing to do on the weekends was to hike in the mountains.

A messy moment

One weekend, Ledja was hiking and having a great time. Until somehow, she tripped and fell into a big muddy puddle.

Ledja was covered in mud all over. Her sparkly pink jacket got muddy, and so did her jeans and shoes.

Splat! (can you hear?) That was a splatter of mud rolling down her hair. Uh-oh. What a mess.

When she tried to get up, her foot hurt. It was a strange feeling for Ledja. She could not get up on her own.

Then some big scary feelings crept into her heart. She began to feel yucky and sad. Sort of alone in the world. I think I am stuck, Ledja thought.

(Was she stuck? What do you think?)

Suddenly, Ledja heard singing. In the middle of the mud puddle, there was a little elephant, (about the size of a house hippo), and it was singing this song.

Major the Mini Elephant’s Strong, Happy Song

There is always a way.
You are never stuck.
You are always strong.

We can play in the mud
to cool down from the sun.
We can play in the snow
or jump in a pile of leaves.

And if we fall one day,
it’s okay – we can always get up.

Nobody ever is ever stuck.
Nobody’s ever alone.
With a kind helping hand
(asking for help is not wrong)
we can play, we can stand,
we belong; we are strong.

We can find a fun way
(or even many) together
in which we are strong.

Let’s sing along:

There is always a way.
I am never stuck.
I am always strong.

A kind, helping hand – and heart

“Hi, little elephant,” she said. “I am Ledja, and I love your song. It helped me feel better, and now I feel strong again!”

“Thank you Ledja,” said the muddy elephant. “My name is Major, and I am a mini elephant. That was my Strong, Happy Song. My Grandpa had a helping heart, and he taught me the words. I am glad you like it! It can be your strong, happy song now, too.”

“It’s so nice to meet you, Major. Can you please help me?” Ledja said. “My foot hurts. I need help to get up.”

“Yes, I will be happy to help you,” said Major. “Here, let me hand you a hiking stick,” he said as he picked up a tree branch and handed it to her.

Ledja received the hiking stick for support, and she could get up!

“Thank you, Major! I am grateful for your kind, helping heart.”

“You are welcome, Ledja,” he said. “Remember, if you ever start feeling stuck again, it’s okay to ask for and receive a kind helping hand.”

With the help of the hiking stick, Ledja finished her hike, singing happily all the way home. The forest animals heard her singing, and they learned the song, too. They all had a great time playing and singing along.

As a child therapist, Ledja helps kids, parents, and families

When she grew up, Ledja became a therapist. In her work at Kids Reconnect, with her kind, helping heart, she supports kids, parents, and families who need a helping heart to find fabulous ways feel better, stronger, and happier. If your child is having a tough time at school or at home, experiencing difficulties connecting with other kids, or if you are going through a messy moment as a parent or family, Ledja can help.

Would you like to sing along with Major, the mini elephant?

“There is always a way.
I am never stuck.
I am always strong.”

Ledja’s Professional Bio

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

—Ancestral wisdom

Where there’s a will, there is always a way. As a child therapist at Kids Reconnect, my role is to help kids, parents, and families find a wonderful way to wellness that works for their unique needs.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and a Master’s degree in Social Work with a clinical specialization from the University of Calgary and am a Registered Social Worker in good standing with the Alberta College of Social Work.

My specialty is providing counselling for children, parents, families, couples, and groups, supporting them through life transitions, anxiety, depression, anger, increased stress, self-esteem challenges, relationship difficulties, grief, and trauma. I believe in using a collaborative and integrative approach, often drawing from Theraplay, Solution Focused Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Attachment, Play Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

I look forward to helping you as a parent to develop the skill to support your child in growing their future areas of Superhero sparkle, in the most wonderful way possible. To complement my child therapist services at Kids Reconnect, I also offer couples counselling for parents at Couples Reconnect.

Ledja Pengu is a playful child therapist at Kids Reconnect

Sometimes Ledja is also a winged pumpkin princess who says BOO—and she can’t wait to meet YOU.

A child therapist wearing butterfly wings playfully throws a golden pumpkin in the air, standing behind large illuminated letters that spell BOO