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Welcome to Calgary’s spark-tacular psychology clinic specializing in kids and families!

Kids don’t have to wait until they grow up to become Superheroes. We believe that every child has a special Superpower and every child is the star in their own Superhero story.

At Kids Reconnect we spark the joy of play to help kids grow and thrive.

Why do our child therapists use play? Because play is how kids communicate. Playing is a way to connect with kids at their (fun and amazing!) level. Play therapy is much more than ordinary play. Play therapy is a structured, systematic, evidence-based, specialized therapeutic approach. Play therapy can show our child psychologists where your child is developmentally. Through play therapy, we can track play themes to discover how your child views themselves, others, and their place in the world. Insights gleaned through play therapy help us to understand your child and support them to grow and thrive.

Play therapist at Kids Reconnect. A child and her therapist

Your child’s Superhero story begins at EmPOWERland

EmPOWERland is a whimsical land at Kids Reconnect, where we specialize in helping kids grow and thrive

Our team of child therapists has joined forces to offer Calgary kids and families support in a range of situations, from healthy families looking for a gentle nudge in the right direction, to cases of complex childhood trauma. We collaborate to apply our areas of specialty in a variety of child psychology interventions, strategies, and approaches.

Let’s spark the joy of play in your Superhero child to help them grow and thrive.

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In EmPOWERland, kids' imagination sparkles!sparkles!

EmPOWERland is a land of discovery, fun, and adventure.

A land of emPOWERment, play, creativity, and possibilities, where kids at all stages of development explore their own Superpower, grow their personal Superhero, and have fun along the way.

In the imaginary realm of EmPOWERland, you might see unicorns, flying puppies, dragons, balloons, cupcakes, and maybe a rocket or two at the gate. Rainbows, rabbits, monkeys, mermaids, snacks, stories, and more, plus Caring Companions (child therapists from the KR Crew) with whom to play and all your successes celebrate.

Come visit EmPOWERland and meet the KR Crew. Explore a land of imagination, adventure, challenges, and Superpowers. A land where art, stories, and play star the amazing Superhero that’s YOU.

A child smiles as she playfully pretends to read a psychology textbook. She is wearing toy glasses. Gold, pink, blue, and rainbow balloons shine overhead.

Our Space

Our warm and welcoming space features playrooms, plush furnishings, soft lighting, and a whole kit and caboodle of play and art therapy equipment.
With the help of a child therapist from the Kids Reconnect team, kids explore, embrace, and develop their strengths, growing in their empowerment to overcome challenges.

About Kids Reconnect

Our Story

Kids Reconnect (KR) is a branch of Calgary Reconnect Counselling Group (CRCG), co-founded by Marcella Galizia and Natalie Bergman.

As registered psychologists, Marcella and Natalie have each helped to empower legions of amazing kids and families to discover and use their Superpowers to face a wide range of diverse challenges. They lead the all-star KR Crew of child therapists in EmPOWERland.

Besides kids, they love snacks, cookies, cupcakes, fabulous fashion, and fairy tales. That’s why you’ll always find heaps of snacks when you visit!

Natalie Bergman and Marcella Galizia playing with cookies and cupcake toys at Kids Reconnect
Child and counsellor in a playroom with a blue butterfly

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