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A warm and inviting waiting room. A large navy blue couch with plush toy cushions in the background. Child-sized comfy chair and a fluffy seat on each side. Toys, books placed at child's eye level.

Parking Instructions

We are pleased to offer you free onsite parking at the time of your child’s session. To park at the free 90-minute visitor parking behind the building, please register your licence plate. Using your smartphone, scan the QR on the poster located across from the elevator and follow the prompted process. Street parking is also available: there is one-hour parking on 17th Avenue and two-hour parking on 17th Street.

Kids can park their imaginary rocketship, hitch their rocking horse, dock their pirate ship, or corral their flying ponies and unicorns at the EmPOWERland gate.

We recommend wearing fun socks, as (for optimal capering!) we take off our outdoor shoes.