A smiling woman in a white sweater wearing gold butterfly wings holds a mint green vintage dial-up telephone. Headshot: Mishaal Jannat, BA, Psychology, Intake Specialist at Kids Reconnect.

Mishaal Jannat
BA, Psychology



Mishaal’s name is pronounced
just like “Michelle”


  • Gentle

  • Warm

  • Welcoming

  • Collaborative

  • Detail-oriented

  • Professional

  • Patient

  • Studious

  • Multicultural

  • Multilingual

Mishaal is one of the Kaleidoscope Butterflies
(Intake Specialists) at Kids Reconnect.
This is her Superhero story,
and she wants to share it with you.

Kaleidoscope Butterflies
help to build joy for kids to see.

In their work, they use smiles, colours, and mirrors.

That’s because kids’ Superpowers
are always within.

Kids Reconnect Butterflies love to play,
and most of all,

they love helping kids find their way.

Mishaal’s Superhero Story

Attention Parents
Before your first session, you can share this story
with your child. You can also scroll below
to read about Mishaal’s professional experience
in her professional bio.

Mishaal’s Superhero Story is coming soon!

Mishaal loves helping kids who visit
EmPOWERland at Kids Reconnect
to choose their own special snacks
before their child counselling session.
Click on Jack, the black-and-white panda,
to hand him his own special snack!

Mishaal’s Professional Bio

Mishaal holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Hons.) degree from Mount Royal University. In addition to her academic support experience as a Research Assistant at Mount Royal University and her administrative support experience, Mishaal also brings the Kids Reconnect Intake team a wealth of heartwarming and impressive volunteer experience in mentoring, tutoring, intake, education, and community leadership roles within the mental health support field.

Since she was a child, Mishaal has held a strong desire in her heart to help those who are struggling to find support. In her role at Kids Reconnect, Mishaal is excited to use her professional experience and expertise to welcome kids, parents, and families to our clinic, offering you empathy and administrative support as you seek child counselling services. Mishaal anticipates that her favourite part about her new Intake Specialist role will be seeing how kids develop their Superpower strengths every time they visit EmPOWERland at Kids Reconnect.

In addition to being professionally fluent in English, Mishaal also speaks Urdu, Hindi, and Kashmiri.

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