A sideboard topped by colourful cupcakes and a rainbow cake, with a butterflies mural in the background.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl and a little boy who had special, secret Superpowers. Their special Superpowers were so secret, that even they had no idea they had any. The little boy and the little girl also had many big feelings, dreams, wishes, and amazing stories in their heart that they did not really realize.

But they did know that they LOVED colourful cupcakes and balloons.

One day, they came to visit EmPOWERland.

In EmPOWERland, their amazing adventure began with…

... can you guess?


Colourful cupcakes and balloons

Good job!

Their shining adventure had begun. That’s because in EmPOWERland kids grow to shine bright with delight.

They were in a caring, joyful place where they could feel safe. A special place to discover and develop their strengths—their special Superpowers to soar!

In EmPOWERland they heard YES a lot.

Here are some of the yeses that fill kids’ hearts with laughs, yays, and hip-hip-hoorays in EmPOWERland:

  • Yes to fun.
  • Yes to snacks.
  • Yes to adventure.
  • Yes to imagination.
  • Yes to colourful socks.
  • Yes to playtime and possibilities.
  • Yes to going for goals, hopes, and dreams.
  • Yes to independence, choices, and cool responsibilities.
  • Yes to listening, caring, respecting, and being gentle with yourself and each other.

In EmPOWERland, they found the playful support that they needed to explore and grow their special Superpowers to soar!

What Superpowers might YOU find in EmPOWERland?

A special note for parents

In EmPOWERland at Kids Reconnect, we create an individualized approach for each child Superhero. We hone in on your child’s unique strengths and target their areas of need, at their developmental level, with therapeutic activities designed to help them grow and thrive.